Wrap Squad was founded in response to the rising costs of advertising and the lack of advertising mediums. The vision of the company was to bring what was once a very expensive auto wrap, mobile advertising concept to an affordable level where even the smallest business could afford and reap the immense rewards of vehicle advertising.

  We believe we have achieved our goal without compromising quality. Our customers can take comfort in knowing that we use the highest quality material and products available to date. We at Wrap Squad are always looking for new innovative products and tools to increase quality and better serve our customers. We believe in being a company that makes its customers number one.

  As with many new innovations, the mobile marketing concept has grown and changed into a program that integrates mobile advertising, sampling, promotions, and event marketing. Wrap Squad is developing a private fleet of vehicles and trained drivers that offer specific targeting, distribution of samples as well as promotional events, mobile tours, concerts and sporting events ("Interactive Marketing" coming soon).

  Mobile advertising has been featured on the hit show The Apprentice, The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Such companies as Proctor and Gamble, Kraft, Nabisco, Coca Cola, Smuckers, Papa Johns and WB Network have used this form of advertising. These huge companies have seen the power and benefits of mobile advertising. The list of companies that are utilizing auto wrap advertising is growing every day.

  Because marketing using vehicle wraps is so new and has enormous shock value it is the only form of advertising that people really make an effort to view, When observing wraps in the field it is common to see motorist and pedestrians swivel necking to get a look and just stare, (it commands attention). Wrap Squad specializes in auto wraps advertising and technology, because it is the most affordable and effective form of advertising for the money.

  We at Wrap Squad are honored to bring you the highest quality vehicle wraps at the most economical value ever.